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FYI--all 3 of my children received Peppermint Patti towels as baby gifts. My kids (and their towels) are now 12, 10, and 7 years old, and these are still the favorite towels they use after every bath or shower. We love your product. 
Best, Debby"
"Thanks so much. This will be the fifth towel I have ordered from you, this time for my baby. I have given them as gifts to others and everybody loves them! 
Thanks again, Vanessa"
"Hi Pat, I did receive the towel today. It is perfect! 
Thank you, Leigh Ann"
"Hi Pat, As you saw on my facebook page, I am really happy with Madeline’s towel. I would like to place another order for some birthday presents for some of my friend’s kids. 
"I received the 5 beautiful towels, I was so thrilled to get them. They are beautiful and being enjoyed by all the kids. My 4 received some as Christmas gifts from my friend. My kids have LOVED them! 
Sincerely, Lana"
"Thank you so much – a great quality, beautiful, as well as practical product!"